The site is located close to the picturesque village of Naoussa, set  upon a gently sloping terrain. The project harmoniously integrates itself within the landscape, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the sea from every room. Its accessible roof functions as a lush garden, seamlessly blending with the surrounding topography. An essential consideration when constructing in the Cyclades is addressing the Meltemi wind and providing adequate shading. To tackle this, a series of curved stone courtyards and sloping giardinieras were meticulously designed to deflect the wind, creating three sheltered lounge areas within the front terraces, ensuring greater privacy.

Internally, the house is divided into three clusters, all situated on the same level. The central area houses the communal spaces, while two wings on either side contain guest rooms. The communal areas consist of an enfilade of three vaulted spaces that offer stunning views of the sea while being back lit by a sequence of internal courtyards. All rooms have private terraces with panoramic sea views towards the island of Naxos. On the northern side, the master bedroom quarter encompasses an office or gym, a master bedroom, a dressing and the master bathroom. On the southern side, there are a series of three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and an outdoor loggia. This arrangement provides a great of level of flexibility whether the house is only occupied by the owner out of season or fully occupied in the summer with guests or family. Additionally, there is a separate guest house on an upper level, featuring three guest rooms designed in the same architectural style. The guest house can function independently from the main house, as it has direct access from the parking area and is equipped with a kitchen. The garden comprises a blend of native coastal vegetation, featuring wild olive trees, shrubs, and small aromatic gardens, creating a captivating sensory experience. The pool is seamlessly integrated into the main terrace, with a gradual slope like an artificial beach. Strategically positioned steps leading from the beach area into the pool also serve as submerged lounge areas, providing a captivating view towards the island of Naxos.  The eastern perimeter of the pool features a Mediterranean stone terrace wall, allowing for water overflow. An important feature of the house is the enfilade of wood ceiling vaults. The wood ceiling of the Livingroom is in fact a lost formwork that integrates decorative and acoustic properties. The house makes uses of locally sourced materials such as terrazzo flooring, mineral renders and stone walls from the local marble industry instead of importing industrial products from abroad reducing the carbon footprint of the house. The planted roof and pergolas provide protection from direct sunlight and overheating throughout the day, effectively reducing energy consumption during both winter and summer. The project’s environmental strategy favoured the development of climate resilient architecture rather than the use of mechanical systems or industrial products to protect from the wind and high temperatures to maintain a natural level of comfort. Show more

Type   |   Commission

Programme   |   Summer House

Client   |   Tiki

Total Area   |   484 m2

Status   |   Under Construction

Date   |   2024

Design Team   |   LASSA - Theo Sarantoglou Lalis and Dora Sweijd, with Jonathan Cheng, Aimon Litinas, John Kanakas, Shaomin He, Lars Kumpfert,

Permitting Architect   |   Studio 265

Structural Engineer   |   Ergo design. Pashalis Petridis

Mechanical Engineer   |   Kamarinos Engineers

Lighting Consultant   |   Dimitris Nasikas

Formwork Production Design   |   LASSA