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LASSA is a London and Brussels based architecture practice co-founded in 2009 by Theo Sarantoglou Lalis and Dora Sweijd. LASSA operates at the intersection between the fields of art, technology and social science. As a practice we have two main concerns: on the one hand, the behavioural attributes of architectural form for its capacity to stimulate the corporal experience of space, to enhance socialization and the collective. And on the other hand, the politics of construction and a complete rethinking of building procedures.

LASSA is strongly engaged with technology for its pivotal role in the way we collaborate, design and fabricate architecture. Current work includes commissions from the public and private sectors in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. With experience working in 18 countries, our team has developed expertise in the delivery of projects of great sophistication with a particular control over the manufacturing process and cost.

LASSA is concurrently engaged in academic research through the work of their studio, Diploma 17, at the Architecture Association and through workshops and lectures worldwide. Besides teaching at the AA, LASSA’ s team have held teaching positions at universities such as Harvard, Columbia, the Bartlett, Westminster University, Lund University and Gothenborg University.

In 2010, LASSA was awarded a REA European research grant for COELUX, an advanced lighting system, in partnership with world leading specialists as well as research institutions throughout Europe and Switzerland. LASSA was a finalist for a number of international awards including the 2012 Chernikov award and the 2013 Lisbon Biennale award. LASSA (Sarantoglou Lalis & Sweijd Architects ltd) has been a chartered architecture company with the Architects Registration Board (ARB) in London since 2004.


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Theo Sarantoglou Lalis     I     Founding Principal     I     ARB, London.

Theo Sarantoglou Lalis is a French and Greek architect. He currently teaches at the Architectural Association in London. He has taught postgraduate studios at Harvard and Columbia and undergraduate studios at Chalmers and LTU in Sweden. He has lectured internationally and run architecture and urban design workshops in the US, South America, Europe and Asia.

Prior to founding LASSA, he has over a decade of experience as a project architect at Future Systems (London) and later a director at Asymptote Architecture (New York). He received his masters from the Bartlett school of Architecture (UCL) in London. He has experience practicing architecture in 18 countries and is a registered architect since 2001.


Dora Sweijd     I    Founding Principal    I     Architects Board, Brussels.

Dora Sweijd received her masters from the Bartlett in London. She currently teaches at the Architectural Association in London and is a visiting professor at Chalmers University in Sweden. She has run architecture and urban design workshops in Rio, Nanjing, Antwerp and Lund. She was a visiting professor at Lund University. Prior to founding LASSA, she worked as an architect in practices in Brussels, London and New York including REX NY and Fosters and Partners.






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Jocelyn Arnold  I AA School, London.

Raz Keltsh I AA School, London.

Jonathan Cheng I AA School, London.

Philip Doumler I AA School, London.

Marc Martinez Marti   I   ENTSAP, Madrid.

Stanislas Gimel I ESA, Paris.

Kasper Ax     I    Bartlett School of Architecture, London.

Cyrus Ardalan   I   ESA, Paris.

Yu Zheng   I   AA School, London.

Yousef Al-Mehdari   I   Bartlett School of Architecture, London.

Luke Tan   I   AA School, London.

Ole Wolthers   I   AA School, London.

Greg Spaw   I   Harvard GSD, Cambridge.

Keehyun Ahn  I   UC Berkley, San Francisco.

Lee Su Huang   I   Harvard GSD, Cambridge.

Andy Bryant   I   UCLA, Los Angeles.

Sebastian Andia   I   AADRL, London.

Perrine Planche    I   AA School, London.

Doyeon Cho    I   AA School, London.

Valeria Garcia   I   AA School, London.

Theo Grousopoulos   I   IAAC, Barcelona.

Perrine Planche    I   AA School, London.

Thomas Jensen   I   AA School, London.

Rodrigo Chain  I   AADRL, London.

Luis Sacristain   I   ENTSAP, Madrid.

Luc Isri   I   ESA, Paris.

Beatrice Campos   I   ESA, Paris.

Nikos Klimentidis   I   AA School, London.